Raising funds for respite services

We are currently raising fund to develop our services, in offering a few hours respite during the day, to support families after brain injury.  Dr Annie Hickox heard of this venture and decided to go alcohol free for 100 days!   Annie said “I hope to raise £1,000 for the families of people whose lives are often shattered by the psychological and physical effects of severe head injury.”

Headway in Darlington & District currently supports brain injury survivors from across the region and we are also experienced in supporting their families through the difficulties.   Annie added “Severe brain injury can result in personality change, poor emotional regulation, and aggression, as well as many other problems including memory impairment, poor concentration, and lack of insight.

This causes enormous stress and often long-term damage to the family’s cohesion and relationships. The partner may feel they have lost the person that they loved, and children feel a great loss of the loving and fun parent they once knew.”

By raising money for families, Annie hopes that we can help to provide respite,  support, and breathing space for the families of people with head injury.

We hope that you will support Annie’s 100 day abstinence by donating to Headway Darlington & District, and help families cope with the emotional effects of life changing injuries.  The link is below: