One man’s staircase – another man’s Everest!

In 2011, Alwyn, suffered a life changing brain injury.  His was discharged home without a plan or any support, which sadly is the same for many post brain injury.   Instead, his wife organised their own rehabilitation program and received guidance and support from ourselves throughout this.    Last year, Alwyn started to deteriorate and was readmitted into hospital for ‘short term’ investigation, but the weeks turned into four long months and he lost the ability to walk and his cognitive processes started to follow the same pattern.  Unable to return back home, Alwyn was transferred to Elysium Health Care (The Bridge in Middlesbrough) and his rehabilitation started again with a new multidisciplinary team in September 2019.

Early 2020, he started to improve and his confidence began to grow.  But then came lockdown and visiting was understandably stopped.  Alwyn needed a goal and something to work towards to keep him going.  He heard about the London Marathon being cancelled and that many charities would not be able to receive much needed funds from sponsored runners.  Alwyn bravely decided to set up a fundraiser to climb 2.6 flights – every day for a week!  The goal was to raise £500 for Headway Darlington & District – for helping him and his family adjust to life after brain injury.

Walking downstairs is as much as a challenge walking up them…and to him every step would be a challenge.  Additionally, due to his brain injury, it is very difficult for Alwyn to initiate a task or motivate himself to do it.   At first, the team at ‘The Bridge’ became his support and his motivation, then he started to see how many people had started to sponsor him, willing him to do this – believing in him.

Izzy Carlin, Assistant Psychologist, and Laura Nicholls, Speech & Language Therapist, started to capture his daily triumphs on camera so that his family could see his efforts.  Izzy then made a video, for Alwyn, to remind him of what he had achieved – she also sings the backing track to the video as an extra special touch!

Thank you Alwyn for raising over £3300!!!!!

We wanted to share this story of inspiration.  Never stop believing.  To sponsor Alwyn you can do so by clicking this link :