At age 28 I basically had a fever that attacked my brain with the aim of shutting down my whole body called encephalitis.

Initially I tried to live a normal life, it was quickly recognised by everyone around me that I wasn’t my normal self.

I consequently lost my job which was helping young people into education and employment and setting them on the right path in life.

I then lost my independence and had to move back in with my parents for my own safety.

I heard of Headway Darlington through my occupational therapist.  Initially I was sceptical of what I was walking into.  However I quickly realised that I could relate to everyone around me to some degree.

Brain injury appears in many different guises.  Some people have physical aspects of the injury, however some people like me they are hidden to anyone who doesn’t understand brain injury.

Everyone finds different ways of dealing with their problems but by being a member of Headway Darlington has allowed us to share coping mechanisms we each have and develop them further.  Its allowed  me to understand and relate to all the members and that after brain injury you are a new you.  As members representative I will positively assist by sharing all members views and opinions  to the trustees to try and build on and improve services available.  Because I am sure there is a lot more people out there that we could access to help.