It is estimated that every 90 seconds a person is admitted into a UK hospital with a brain injury.

What is an acquired brain injury (ABI)?

An acquired brain injury is an injury caused to the brain since birth.

This can be caused by stroke, assault, car accidents, tumour or illness such as meningitis.

People live with a range of complex cognitive, behavioural, emotional and physical problems which can make it difficult for them to cope with everyday tasks, maintain relationships or return to work. People may lose their independence and experience isolation, loss of self-esteem or psychological problems as a result. Family life can also be affected and without support relationships often break down.

At Headway Darlington & District we believe that with the right support survivors of brain injury can make a positive difference to their own lives and of those around them.

To find out more information about brain injury including: types of brain injury, causes, effects, practical issues after injury and rehabilitation please take a look at the collection of downloads below: