Carers week in the UK

Carers Week is a national campaign that celebrates the contribution made by the UK’s 6.5million carers to those they care for and their wider communities, promoting the fantastic job that carers do. And the support they need themselves.

Brain injury and carers

Brain injured people often become dependant on family members who have had the role of carer thrust upon them without warning.

Some have the help of professionals, medical teams and care workers; however some may be left virtually alone to get on with providing the care their loved one needs.

Without exception, becoming a carer for someone with a brain injury is a significant commitment that deserves recognition; as a network dedicated to the support of brain injured people and their families, Carers Week is a campaign that’s close to our hearts.

Due to the nature of brain injury, where is can be an ‘invisible’ and ‘silent’ disability, we know that many carers go unrecognised.   We continue to acknowledge this and aim to change this.

To all brain injury carers…..we salute you!  This week and always!